Customized LIVESCORES !
A.  Now you can chose to have free livescores in your desired look and feel.
Just fill in the form with all necessary details and you will have it within 24 hours.

Demo version:

What you will have in addition to the colors and competitions chosen:
· Auto updates every 30 sec.
· Indication of a new goal with the word "Goal !!!" in red.
·Indication of Match status : Minutes, Half Time, Extra time, Penalties, Final Results, Postponed, Suspended.

Within 24 hours we shall send you a code with instructions via e-mail.
In case if we add more competitions, you will be updated via e-mails to add them to your existing Livescore lists.

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B.  If you donít have time to fill in the form, chose our standard option, which resembles our demo version look and feel.

Pop-Up Code - Copy & Paste:

iFrame Code - Copy & Paste:

C.  If you still need more customization, please contact us with your requests.

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